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Individual, Relationship, & Family Therapy

work with people on a weekly, biweekly, or bi-monthly basis.

Individual therapy: If you are struggling with problems, beliefs, traumatic experiences, life transitions, thoughts, emotions, and/or behaviors that are making your life and relationships difficult or unmanageable, therapy can help you identify and explore these challenges and, if necessary, discover alternative perspectives and behaviors that align more closely with who you are and/or whom you want to be. I regularly work with people dealing with issues related to anxiety, depression, ADHD, personality disorders, complex trauma, trauma, dissociation, bipolar disorders, and co-occurring substance use disorders. 

Relationship, Marriage, Couples therapy: Whether you are dating, engaged, cohabitating, or married, therapy can provide awareness and insight into problematic patterns, and/or help each person determine and express their needs, wants, and desires. Relationship therapy can help develop connection, reconnection, and empowerment. Learning and practicing skills while in therapy builds independence from therapy. Tera's approach is inclusive of LGBTQIA+ identities and various relationship formations. 

Sex therapy can be an important part of relationship therapy but is effective for individuals as well. Exploring relational, psychological, emotional etiologies, as well as working integratively with medical professionals to determine biological factors, can help to identify and treat sexual problems. My knowledge and high-level of comfort while discussing sex- and sexuality-related issues can offer a healing experience when discomfort and shame have overshadowed acceptance.  Exploring how your gender socialization impacts your life is often a particularly fruitful part of sex therapy. Sex therapy can help to treat difficulties related to sex and sexuality, including erectile dysfunction, level of sexual interest and arousal, painful intercourse, ejaculation difficulties, orgasm difficulties, and sexual difficulties stemming from personal identities or cultural backgrounds.

*While sex therapy does involve discussions that are intimate in nature, the therapy does not involve physical examination or contact between the therapist and client(s) - although, Tera may refer clients to a knowledgeable medical doctor for evaluation.

Family therapy: Creating lasting change for individuals happens when family members and/or close friends take part in therapy together. The change created in therapy can be better understood, and therefore supported, by those we are close with when all are present in therapy.  Tera creates a safe environment to explore relationship dynamics. Working with adolescents (aged 15+) and their families is one of Tera’s special interests. Friends that come to therapy together can support changes in each other's individual lives. 

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART): Tera is trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), which is an exposure-based cognitive psychotherapy that fosters rapid recovery by reprogramming how the brain stores traumatic memories and imagery. This evidence-based approach provides effective relief from strong physical and emotional reactions associated with post-traumatic stress (PTSD), trauma, anxiety, depression, performance, and more, in as few as 1-5 sessions. ART can be used as a standalone therapy, however, I mostly use it in conjunction with talk therapy. If you are curious about this approach, contact Tera for more information. 

Creative approaches to therapy: Creative approaches, such as visual art, music, storytelling, or performance, align with experiential, narrative, play, and other empirically-informed therapy modalities, and can be a rich and dynamic way to explore yourself or an issue that is plaguing you. Tera has long been a part of creative communities and, if you would like to explore through creative means, is capable of creating a safe space to investigate problems while incorporating creativity and/or play. 

Brief therapy: In some instances meeting for a limited number of sessions can offer support to make behavioral changes. Tera is trained in motivational interviewing which can be integrated into brief therapy. Perhaps a doctor has prescribed an important behavioral change, or maybe you are having difficulties or feeling "blocked" and would like assistance implementing actions. We can talk by phone to determine whether brief therapy is appropriate for your needs. 

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